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University Of Washington

University Of Washington is a public research university, Dedicated to enhancing lives through the pursuit of the common good.

University Of Washington have worked to build a society where everyone can succeed for more than 130 years by inspiring teachers, staff, and students to see possibilities.

Pullman, Washington is home to the flagship and oldest campus of Washington State institution, a public land-grant research institution. One of the oldest land-grant universities in the American West is WSU, which was established in 1890.

It is the second-largest higher education school in Washington state, after the University of Washington, with 24,278 undergraduate students and 28,581 overall enrollment .

“R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity” is the category in which it falls.

Situated atop a hill, the WSU Pullman campus is distinguished by its expansive layouts and use of locally sourced materials such as red brick and basalt.

Located in rural eastern Washington amid the Palouse’s rolling terrain, the university maintains strong ties to the surrounding town and community.

Founded in 1989, the institution also runs campuses at University of Washington Spokane, University of Washington Tri-Cities, and University of Washington Vancouver in Washington. University of Washington established an online Global Campus in 2012.

This includes University of Washington Online, its online degree program. University of Washington opened a sixth campus at University Everett in 2015. The majority of degrees awarded on these schools are bachelor’s and master’s.

2006 saw the first intake of freshmen and sophomores into the Vancouver campus, while 2007 saw the opening of the Tri-Cities campus.

The Cougars are the name of University of Washington’s athletic teams, and the school colors are gray and red. The Pac-12 Conference offers NCAA Division I competition for six men’s and nine women’s varsity teams.

The Mountain Pacific Sports Federation features competition for both men’s and women’s indoor track teams.


University Of Washington’s goal is to create a better future for everyone, and teaching and learning are at its core.

Prominent academics foster a varied range of perspectives both within and beyond the classroom, igniting debate and assisting students in discovering their own possibilities.

The outcome? a rewarding educational experience for both teachers and students. All of our campuses provide a wide range of practical research opportunities, fieldwork, internships, practicums, and study abroad programs because we also place a strong priority on experiential learning.

An atmosphere for learning created to support your success

Over 4,100 educators in the state.
Several highly regarded academic initiatives.
Innovative facilities’
A focus on establishing a fair and encouraging learning environment Initiatives to increase students’ academic performance.

Undergraduate Education

Explore more than 200 academic fields, ranging from animal sciences and athletic training to political science and water resource engineering. Many academic programs have achieved noteworthy recognition.

Your needs-driven education

Through research opportunities, fieldwork, internships, and in-depth labs, our award-winning faculty is available to support you and encourage you to explore and develop in your field.

All 50 states and 146 countries are home to an alumni network of alumni that offers small class sizes, undergraduate research programs, and the practical knowledge and contacts you need to grow in your profession.

16:1student to faculty ratio 80%classes have fewer than 50 students 60%classes have fewer than 30 students

Offerings for academic programs

University Of Washington provides more than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs throughout its 11 academic colleges. University can assist you in creating a prosperous future, regardless of the major you choose to pursue.

Examine degree programs and majors.

With over 100 in-major specialties, 86 minors, and 95 majors to choose from, your degree will be a reflection of your interests and skills.

Professional and graduate degrees

sixty-three PhD programs
79 master’s degree programs, including professional master’s degrees in molecular biology and electrical power engineering
Professional degrees in veterinary medicine (D.V.M.) and pharmacy (Pharm.D.)


To assist you in navigating your educational journey successfully, University Of Washington provide a variety of academic support programs, such as academic success coaching, peer tutoring, and advising.

Academic success coaching, peer tutoring, and advising are just a few of the academic support programs we offer to help you effectively navigate your educational journey .

Renowned writing program in the country

Students who participate in the program receive writing assistance, tutoring, and assessment in order to improve their communication skills, which are critical for success in the workplace.

Common Reading initiative

Every year, the institution selects one book that all first-year students must read in order to establish a shared intellectual foundation and start a conversation as the students get to know one another.

Students can better appreciate the breadth and creative caliber of the university’s top-notch research through related activities.

Opportunities for summer research

On the University of Washington Pullman campus, students can work with distinguished faculty members to do research in a range of subjects during the summer.

There is a symposium at the end of the summer that features student work.


join The Community of University of Washington and discover your place

You’ll receive a comprehensive education that includes:
Many possibilities for practical learning
knowledge and perceptions from eminent academics and experts in various domains
Contemporary classrooms with cutting-edge technology


Our application procedure varies depending on the school you select and the kind of student you are applying to.

Our admission counselors are available to assist you with the application process regardless of your route to University of Washington.

Undergraduate Application

Test results from standardized exams, such the SAT or ACT, are not necessary for admission to University of Washington. Although a GED is recognized, a high school diploma is necessary.

Four English, three math, two science, two foreign languages, three social studies, and one visual/performing arts unit are required for high school credit.

Graduate Application

The dean of the Graduate School and your intended department or college will jointly decide whether to admit you to the University of Washington Graduate School.

Make sure to inquire about the status of applications being accepted by your potential department.

Application for Transfer Students

University of Washington is a great place to further your studies. If you attended college after the summer after high school graduation, you are regarded as a transfer student for admissions purposes.

International Student Application

International students are welcome at University Of Washington; currently enrolled students represent around 100 different nations.

Obtaining a degree from University of Washington entitles one to lifetime membership in an intimately knit community of individuals who, no matter where they live, support one another both emotionally and professionally.

Professional Programs and Certificates Application

A professional degree, such as one in nursing, medicine, veterinary care, or pharmacy, is intended to prepare you for a specific line of work and frequently satisfies the educational criteria for accreditation or licensure.

Certain graduate-level degrees may have different prerequisites and admittance requirements. At University of Washington professional degrees and certificates are overseen by the departments that offer them.


Six Campuses of University of Washington:

Each of six campuses offers a unique student atmosphere in addition to exceptional study opportunities. Investigate your options and personalize your course of study to design the ideal University of Washington un experience for you.

A typical college town encounter

Established in 1890, University of Washington Pullman boasts the largest campus (19,114 students, fall 2021) and most beautiful, state-of-the-art campus with over 200 undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, Pac-12 sports, premier research programs, and an almost limitless student experience.

The school is situated in the Palouse, a region of gently undulating hills in southeast Washington, roughly 75 miles south of Spokane.

University of Washington Pullman has all the advantages of a large research university combined with the warmth of a small town.

The majority of University of Washington Pullman’s student groups, including its sports teams, are based there, along with galleries, performance spaces, and museums covering a variety of subjects like art, anthropology, zoology, and more.

The majority of students at Pullman institution live in residence halls, apartments owned by the institution, or fraternity and sorority homes, accounting for 46% of the student body.

The PACCAR Environmental Technology Building, many plant sciences buildings, a multicultural center, a veterinary and biomedical research building, and a digital classroom building are some of the significant new facilities.


fresh approaches
University of Washington addresses pressing global issues

Studies that are beneficial to your neighborhood
Better health for both you and your animals.
Tree fruit that tastes better and has higher in nutrients.
Fresh, long-lasting energy sources to fuel next generations.
Creative initiatives to build more just and equitable communities.

These are only a handful of the numerous outcomes of the multifaceted, transformative research that University of Washington conducts on a daily basis to promote prosperity in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Being one of the top research universities in the country makes us very proud. We urge our teachers and students to investigate historical issues and find fresh approaches in the humanities, sciences, and arts at all of our campuses, research institutes, and Extension offices spread across all of Washington’s counties.

Being one of the top research universities in the country makes students very proud

Research Opportunities for Students

Graduate and undergraduate students work with faculty members and international collaborators to investigate infectious diseases that spread from animals to people.

One of the few research universities in the United States dedicated to studying and keeping an eye on zoonotic diseases like coronaviruses, Lyme disease, brucellosis, salmonella, and the bubonic plague is University of Washington.

For all degree programs, University of Washington provide graduate and undergraduate students with a wide choice of research opportunities.

The institution offers a range of research grants to encourage students’ creative endeavors, scholarship, and guided research.


Eight institutes, nine laboratories, and nearly forty specialized research units address everything from reproductive biology to social and environmental justice, drug addiction, sleep, and entrepreneurial abilities.

University of Washington put a lot of effort into making sure that our research community has access to the most recent research technologies and scientific apparatus.

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