Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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Massachusetts Institute And Technology’s objective is to prepare students for the 21st century by advancing knowledge in science, technology, and other fields of study.

Our goal is to instill in every member of the MIT community the capacity and enthusiasm to work sensibly, imaginatively, and productively for the benefit of humanity.

History Of Massachusetts Institute And Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was an innovative educational institution founded in 1861 by a group of practical problem solvers who were passionate about basic science and wanted to improve society.

This ethos continues to inform our work today as we develop new digital learning technologies and teach students on campus, opening up MIT education to millions of students worldwide.

Education In Massachusetts Institute And Technology

Digital learning; nanotechnology; human health, including cancer, HIV, autism, Alzheimer’s, and dyslexia; poverty alleviation; advanced manufacturing; innovation and entrepreneurship; sustainable energy, the environment, climate adaptation, and global water and food security; Big Data, cybersecurity, robotics, and artificial intelligence?


Innovative answers to the most difficult problems facing the world are the goal of MIT research.

Through innovative partnerships with top research institutes and consortia worldwide, MIT’s research activities are boosted, tackling everything from the energy demands of the future to the advancement of cancer therapeutics.

The laboratories, centers, and programs at MIT where innovative research is being conducted are listed here, to name just a few.

Master`s Program

Engineering & Technology (21)

Business & Management (18)

Arts, Design & Architecture (14)

Computer Science & IT (7)

Natural Sciences & Mathematics (6)

Social Sciences (5)

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (3)

Humanities (3)

Journalism & Media (2)

Applied Sciences & Professions (1)

Provision of Services

Housing Service

Our responsibility at the Housing Office is to bed 6,000 students each night. And while getting a good night’s sleep is vital, particularly for MIT students, our best possibilities come from our residential communities’ waking hours.
Living here at MIT involves more than just keeping your belongings in one location. Every graduate and undergraduate housing has an own culture, viewpoint, and way of life.

And all of them have an equal impact on the students’ development as their academic experiences do.
Reduce your show

Services provided by libraries
Establishing and maintaining a dynamic information environment that promotes MIT research, learning, and innovation is the goal of the MIT Libraries.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch services, plans, and frameworks that foster research, protect knowledge, and enhance international scholarly communication.

Student Life

There is more to life at the Institute than just homework and courses; the community takes great satisfaction in its extracurricular and curricular involvement in the arts, sports, and other fields.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to living in a living group, competing on our NCAA Division III sports teams, or spending time learning new dance techniques.

Cambridge, Massachusetts has 168 acres.
18 dorms for students
20 gardens and natural spaces, as well as 26 acres of playing grounds
Over 100 public works by a

Sporting Venues

educational Programs: Get trained with our kids and adult educational programs.

Exercise with Groups: Incorporate group yoga and pilates courses into your routine to create balance.

Private Instruction :
We have trainers, coaches, and instructors on staff to assist you in achieving your goals.
Improve your squash, badminton, and basket abilities during open recreation.

Improve your squash, badminton, basketball, and other talents at your own pace with Open Recreation.

Youth program:

Find out what’s ideal for kids’ health and wellness, from fitness to aquatics.

Student clubs

The mission of the FSILG Office is to foster a cohesive community that prioritizes mutual respect, civic and social responsibility, and the expansion and advancement of both organizations and their constituents.

Twenty-five fraternities, six sororities, and five independent living groups are among these organizations.

On April 10, 1861, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts incorporated.

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Master’s degrees offered by the university

1: Nuclear Science And Engineering

2:Civil And Environmental Engineering

3:Data,Economics, and Development

4:Business Analytics


6:Nuclear Science and Engineering

7: Art ,Culture ,and Technology

8:Architecure Studies-Building Technology

9:Matterial Science and Engineering

10:Executive MBA

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