LUNEX University

International University of Health, Exercise & Support

LUNEX University is part of the Carl Remigius Fresenius Education Group, one of the largest private and independent education groups in Germany.

LUNEX University’s affiliated companies include Hochschule Fresenius, Carl Remigius Medical School, and Ludwig Fresenius Schulen, among many others.

Through close collaboration within this network, we cover the entire educational landscape from apprenticeships to higher and continuing education.

In this way, we offer people a wide range of opportunities and enable them to engage in lifelong learning.

The workplace and society are always changing. This is demonstrated by the Corporate Health Management .

The workplace landscape is evolving, and major multinational organizations and huge enterprises recognize that, in light of the COVID-19 health crisis, it is more important than ever to prioritize the health and wellness of their workforce.

Health management is a core issue in corporate life, as the health of employees determines the health of the organisation itself. Join our study programme  and become a highly qualified and forward-thinking specialist who will lead change towards the workplace of the future.  

Businesses require skilled health management specialists that are focused on creating a more robust, healthy, resilient, and fulfilling work environment even though they are prepared for this shift. Are you prepared to merge with them?

The Corporate Health Management bachelor’s degree

The Corporate Health Management and Well-Being bachelor’s degree provides a distinctively trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural viewpoint on health management.

Students will study concepts and information from the domains of psychology, nutrition, economics, law, risk assessment, management, and digitalization during your bachelor’s degree program.

Students will also have fascinating opportunity to put these concepts into practice.

This cutting-edge, brand-new academic program will teach you how to influence workplace health practices by encouraging an atmosphere that is supportive of both physical and mental health through evidence-based practice, which will help your organization grow.

Students’ll be able to give a clear explanation of the elements that either cause or enhance health in day-to-day living. This information will be based on a critical analysis of the economic, cultural, and psychological factors.

  • Graduation:Bachelor
  • Start of studies:April and October
  • Duration:6 semester(s)
  • Credits:180 ECTS
  • Language:English
  • Tuition fees:Staggered
  • Registration fee:595€ one-time payment

Become an expert in health management

In their daily lives, workers often face a variety of challenges, including physical health issues linked to stress that, if ignored, can eventually result in burnout.

In addition to causing harm, these health issues negatively affect workers’ performance and level of involvement at work.

Consequently, one of the main goals of corporate health management is to promote employees’ well-being by assisting them in striking a work-life balance and establishing suitable recovery habits related to exercise, diet, and ergonomics.

In order to address the particular difficulties that human resources professionals have in these post-pandemic times, you will study how to create high-value trans-disciplinary health treatments throughout the program. You will also learn how to apply theories and principles from many professions successfully.

Take advantage of research-focused instruction and a hands-on study.

You will gain from Lunex University’s worldwide team’s experience throughout your studies as well. Professors and lecturers are highly skilled in their disciplines, and they include current research and scientific results into their lectures.

All of our instructors are dedicated to providing students with hands-on, research-based, and engaging instruction, and they do so with great passion.

The bachelor’s degree in Corporate Health Management and Well-Being not only offers you specialized knowledge and industry insights, but it also equips you with the multidisciplinary and social skills necessary for your future profession.

In addition to experiencing real company projects during two internships in external organizations, you will apply the knowledge you have gained during your studies in a number of ways, including group projects and case-study debates.

How come LUNEX University offers courses in corporate health management?

  • International: Study programmes taught in English
  • Digital: Free iPads and full Office plan for all our students
  • Job-oriented network: Build a strong network within companies opening career perspectives.
  • Effective: Small groups for maximum learning outcomes
  • Individual: Highly personal support for every student
  • Excellent: Invited international academics and industry experts
  • Flexible: Block teaching for focused and intensive studying
  • Unique: Perfect learning environment with extraordinary flair

The LUNEX University Campus

Situated close to the borders with France and Belgium, in the southwest of Luxembourg, lies the Differdange campus of LUNEX University.

Take advantage of fantastic academic circumstances and a variety of sporting and recreational opportunities!

Inspiring architecture combined with modern facilities and high-quality equipment – our campus provides the best conditions for a successful time at university.

But it takes a bit more than that to truly experience student life. Whether you are interested in group activities, excursions and sports in your spare time and at weekends or just want to go out at night:

The LUNEX Students’ Union can point you in the right direction and also organises their own events.

How Apply For online application

What you should have with you

Do you have strong communication skills, an analytical approach, and a strong enthusiasm for health? Do you want to contribute to creating the modern workplace?

If so, you already possess a few of the most crucial attributes for a corporate health management and well-being bachelor’s degree.

Admission requirements

  • University entrance qualification or equivalent qualification
  • English Language Skills B2 Level (CEFR)

A sporting setting

The center of the Differdange Sports Park is home to the LUNEX University campus.

Having over 20 sports associations and clubs, together with almost 20 sports facilities, Differdange was named the 2018 European City of Sports—a major benefit for students.

Differdange offers a multitude of options for participating in sports, whether it is on your own, with a club, or outdoors in a sports hall. It is known as a “European city of sport.

Sport and nature lovers will find Luxembourg to be the perfect destination: there is an abundance of activities available, such as horseback riding, cycling, hiking, climbing, and water sports.

There is also something for those who are interested in culture.

Sports activities at LUNEX University

Team cheerleaders
The cheerleading squad meets in the gym next to LUNEX every Tuesday and Thursday after lunch to practice their stunts, gymnasium routines, and choreography.

Soccer & Rugby
The LSU hosts football and rugby workouts on the sports field next to LUNEX every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch. The objective is to create teams that will compete in the near future.

volleyball Students frequently congregate in Schifflange for beach volleyball training with the intention of forming a team for tournament play.

volley ball
The handball court is now inaccessible due to building on the sports hall next to LUNEX, but LSU hopes to establish a squad when that possibility arises.

Currently, LSU is developing its sports teams and plans to host an increasing number of sporting events in the near future. Please get in touch with the LSU for additional details.

The Union of Students at LUNEX University

The LUNEX Students’ Union (LSU) is a group that 25 students from different fields participate in.

The LSU coordinates student activities and serves as a liaison between the student body and the university’s leadership. The many offerings at LSU include frequent team meetings, parties, themed evenings, and athletic and cultural events.

Thus, the LUNEX Students’ Union is crucial in assisting newcomers to the university in getting to know others and navigating the campus.

How LSU Helps Students

Students of LUNEX University have their interests represented by the LSU. LSU are pleased to provide support and mediation should students run into any issues. LSU of LUNEX University are available to assist you with any queries you may have about student life.

  • Thibaut Legret – President
  • Amélie Calen – Vice President
  • Julie Godart- Secretary
  • Lauryne Bourgeois – Treasury

Technological research and education:

LUNEX University’s lab for movement and sport

A fully functional sport and movement laboratory is one of the contemporary facilities at LUNEX University. For research and instruction, scholars and students have access to a wide range of measurement and analytic technologies.

Professionals can determine a range of health-related metrics and sports performance measures.

Services Of LUNEX University

LUNEX University provide students two main services,

Transport Service

Public transportation is free to use everywhere in Luxembourg as of March 1, 2020. Students and staff at university stand to gain the most from this offer because of its convenient access to public transportation. There are four DiffBus bus routes available to get you into town, and it’s very simple to get to other locations.

There is a multi-story parking structure just next to the LUNEX University campus for those who are driving. The rechargeable DiffCard can be used to pay for parking here at reasonable prices.

Food Service

Eating well is important in one’s leisure time, and studying on an empty stomach is difficult.

LUNEX University’s current project at LUNEX University is a building extension that will include the construction of a huge kitchen canteen that will provide tasty meals at reasonable prices.

Differdange and Luxembourg also have a lot to offer in terms of cuisine.

LUNEX University meal service partners provide significant discounts for students.

Restaurants and pubs in the vicinity of our campus have partnered with LUNEX University.

LUNEX University’s students receive exclusive discounts at these establishments. The goal of LUNE University is to keep growing this partner network.

  • 20% off the whole menu at Chez Amado in Aalt Stadthaus, excluding the daily specials.
  • Café Beim Zitha: everyday specials are discounted by 10%.
  • Table Auchan ma: 10% off
  • Paul Boulangerie: ten percent off
  • Schräinerei: 10 percent off
  • Lunch at Villa Hadir is either a pizza or spaghetti cup for €5, or the daily menu plus a drink and coffee for €10.80.
  • 10% off for Gérard de Geckege Bäcker

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