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Become part of a worldwide learning community. Learn how to influence the world.

Engage with knowledgeable academics and peers to get next-level information to help you reach your goals, no matter where you are in your career or life.

Graduate Courses:

Examine 800 Courses Harvard Courses for Open Enrollment
An application is not necessary.
Professional Certificates Develop the Capabilities to Succeed in Any Field.
Certificates for three to five courses.
Graduate Degrees:

Online and on-campus courses that suit your schedule

Enroll in courses offered by Harvard Extension to refresh your expertise, retrain, or upskill.

No matter the academic path you choose, we have a plethora of alternatives to help you reach your goals.

Courses Made to Make an Impact

The foundation of the academic programs offered by Harvard Extension School are our courses.

You could decide to enroll in just one course in order to advance your career, discover a passion, or get ready for graduate school. You might also choose to enroll in classes in order to earn a certificate or a degree. You have the option.

No application is necessary to enrol in our open enrollment courses. Courses that strike a balance between academic difficulty, flexibility, and value are available, regardless of your objectives.

Course Tuition Rates

Credit Level2023–24 Tuition for 4-Credit Courses
($510 per credit)
($805 per credit)

Simply Enroll—No Application Required

To get started, simply follow these steps:

Career and Academic Resource Center (CARC)

CARC provides academic webinars covering a wide variety of study

and research abilities that are necessary for success at Harvard Extension School.

The online CARC resource library has everything you need, whether you’re looking to acquire some efficient note-taking techniques, be ready to deliver a presentation, or comprehend how to properly credit your sources in a midterm paper.

To learn more about these and other helpful resources, visit the CARC website.

Take advantage of every Harvard Extension

Experience all that Harvard Extension Has to Offer

Receive college credit. Harvard Extension courses are credit-bearing, can be applied to related Harvard Extension certificates and degrees, and may be transferable to other universities.

Harvard Extension courses are credit-bearing, can be applied to related Harvard Extension certificates and degrees, and may be transferable to other universities.

Gain access to skill-building and career webinars, student resources, and Harvard University libraries. Develop a diverse network of peers like you—driven, experienced, and committed to growth.

Registration for January and Spring 2024 is Open

It’s time to start your journey at Harvard Extension School. We have hundreds of courses to choose from, in a variety of flexible format options to meet your busy schedule.

Many classes will fill up quickly so register today!

Register Now

Potential Learners Here at Harvard Extension School, welcome!

Your Hands-On Guide to Beginning
Resuming education as a working adult requires significant dedication.

You’ll be a part of a community at Harvard Extension School (HES) that cares about your development and achievement.

Everybody here, including our instructors, staff, former students, and current students, is here to help you along the journey.

Aiming to explore? Discover more about:

  • Academic programs
  • Open enrollment & admissions
  • Flexible schedules
  • Tuition & financing
  • Registering for your first course — spring registration is open!

A Harvard Education Tailored for You Online Courses,

Academic Opportunities, Online & On Campus

You have a range of flexible learning alternatives at HES to suit your schedule, financial situation, and objectives.

You may experience a Harvard education on your terms, whether you live across the world or just minutes from campus.

Open Enrollment & “Earn Your Way In” Admissions

Taking a single course or earning a certificate?

 You only need to meet enrollment requirements — there’s no application required.

Planning to pursue a degree?

 Through our earn-your-way-in admissions process, we honor the student you are today: a working professional with a wealth of life and work experience.

To begin, you’ll bring that experience right into the classroom before you apply — establishing your academic readiness by completing two or three required, foundational courses before applying for admission to your chosen program.

Enroll This Spring

Whichever path you choose, it all starts with registering for your first course →

Stackable Credentials: An Academic Path That Expands

We understand that your goals may evolve over time. Our courses, certificates, and degrees are designed to be adaptable and stackable.

If you’re taking a single course or are earning a microcertificate, that work may apply toward a future graduate certificate or degree.

Or, you might pursue a master’s degree and earn a graduate certificate along the way by choosing courses that apply toward both credentials.

You can learn more about how to stack microcertificates, certificates, and degrees in our blog.

How to Stack Credentials

Part-Time Learning, Full-Time Impact

Your life doesn’t have to stop when you return to school. Our degrees, certificates, and courses are all made to provide you the freedom to study at your own speed and according to your own schedule.

It will be difficult to juggle life with the demands of the Harvard classroom. It will also be incredibly fulfilling, motivating you to contribute to your community and place of employment on a daily basis.

Adjustable Timetables

We provide courses at several times throughout the year, allowing you to manage your time between work, school, and other responsibilities.

  • Fall7- and 15-week courses,
  • late August to mid-December
  • January3-week intensive courses
  • Spring7- and 15-week courses,
  • late January to mid-May
  • Summer3- and 7-week sessions,
  • late June to mid-August

Affordable Tuition & Financing Options

Our mission is to give you clear-cut information about the expenses and available funding sources so you can pursue your educational objectives.

We think that a top-notch education ought to be within budget as well.

Our course fees are simply a small portion of what our peer institutions charge, and they are on par with public colleges.

Credit LevelOur 2023-24 Course TuitionAverage Course Tuition of Peer Institutions
Undergraduate$2,040 per course$2,900 per course
Graduate$3,220 per course$4,330 per course
The overall cost of completion for a degree or certificate program depends on the number of courses needed.

There are several options for paying for courses, such as using our payment plan or a tuition reimbursement program offered by your work. We have a team dedicated to helping you through the process of student financial services.

Examine Your Financing Choices

How to Apply to HES for Spring Enrollment

Invest Your Future

You just need to register; there is no need to apply, regardless of whether you want to enrol in a single course or your first course toward a certificate or degree.

Best feature? You will get benefits right away. Our courses are developed to ensure that you can apply what you learn in class today to your work tomorrow.

Examine the Criteria for Enrollment

All of our courses are open enrollment, but before you start the registration process, there are a few things you should know.

English proficiency Requirement

Reading & Writing Placement test

One Campus Study Immunization Requirement

Registering for Your First Course

Registration for January and spring 2024 courses is open:

  • November 6–January 2 for January courses
  • November 6–January 18 for spring courses

Watch our walkthrough of the registration process from our recent webinar.

A Helpful Community – We’re Here to Support You

Admission Services
You can get answers to all of your concerns concerning setting up a student account, using the course search, registering for classes, and paying for them from our team of committed Enrollment Services specialists.


Phone:(617) 495-4024 Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time

Virtual Appointments

  • Tuesdays from 12-1 p.m. Eastern Time via Zoom through December 12 (except November 21)
  • 15-minute appointments with an Enrollment Services Specialist
  • Not intended to be an academic advising appointment

Please note that only 2 weeks’ worth of appointments are available to view any one time

Virtual Q&A Sessions

Days between 12 and 1 pm. Zoom users can access Eastern Time until December 14 (November 2 and 23 excluded).
Open the Zoom room and ask any general inquiries.

Come ask questions at any point during the hour.
Not meant to be a meeting for academic advice
We regret that we are unable to access your particular academic or student record.

For additional help, contact Enrollment Services by phone or email with any inquiries that need to search up your student record.

Join virtual Q&A Session

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